Ombre Heather Silk Ribbon

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This one-of-a-kind hue embodies the spirit of 'perfect imperfection'. This beautifully delicate silk ribbon is available in both our standard and  luxury silks, in our full range of sizes.

Each length is entirely unique with random pigmentation and blemishes where the logwood used to create this stunning mauve-heather colour has come into contact with the silk fibres. We love the feel of 'wabi sabi' which these slight imperfections bring. The length features a unique ombre, starting with a more saturated, darker hue and then transcending into a lighter, more lavender tone. This has been achieved through a dip-dye and overdye process with logwood and cochineal. 

Presented on a beautiful light wooden spool - option to upgrade to oversized painted spool as shown in the images  (just add to the basket).

Hand torn with a neat, feathered fringe edge.

Please allow for a small variation to sizes due to the handmade nature of our items.

Handwash using a PH neutral detergent, only if absolutely necessarily. Airdry away from direct sunlight. Iron on a low temperature setting. Note that natural dyees are described as 'living colour' because they can change overtime. Keep them away from direct sunlight to prevent premature fading. Avoid direct contact with jewellery and perfumes. We recommend keeping your ribbons rolled up on their spools until they are being used to prevent creasing. If you need to cut your ribbons, cut them using fabric scissors or a rotary blade on a 45 degree angle to prevent fraying and for a neat crisp edge.

We offer a range of different size ribbons depending on your desired use. We recommend a 2" wide ribbons for bouquets and 1" for buttonholes. Ribbons for cakes look best at 3" or 4" widths. Stationery ribbons are usually between 0.5" - 1.5" widths.

We offer samples for all our ribbons. These are presented on a piece of card and are approx. 15cm-20cm in length and 1" wide. Please note that samples should be used as a guide only - we cannot guarantee that the batch you later purchase will be from the same batch that your sample was provided from, so some variation may still occur. We strongly advise that you order as many ribbons as you need for your project in the same order to prevent colour variations.

Hand Dyed, with Nature

Luxury, sustainable silk adornments to be cherished forever.

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