How are ribbons presented?

All our ribbons are presented on a wooden dowel. If you would prefer them to be presented on a wooden spool, then you have the option of adding spools onto your order. Please search for 'Wooden Spool Upgrade' and select the quantity to match the number of ribbons purchased. We charge £1.00 per spool. Our spools range from 0.5" wide - 2.5" wide. Ribbons that are 3" and wider are presented on wooden dolly pegs.

Velvet Silk Ribbons and scarves are folded.

How much ribbon do I need?

Our standard ribbon length is 1.8m albeit we do offer various lengths depending on colours. 1.8m is plenty long enough for a trailing tail if being used to tie around your wedding bouquet.

All lengths are continuous with no seams.

For cakes, one 1.8m spool is usually long enough to create a bow depending on the size of the cake.

We recommend 2” widths for bouquets and 1” widths for stationery and hand fasting usage. Cakes look great with both 2” and 3” widths.

If you require an alternative length and it is not available on the shop then please get in touch.

I can't find what I am looking for. Do you have additional stock not listed/can I make a custom order?

Yes! Just because an item is not available does not mean that we cannot help. Depending on what you require and when you require it by, we will do our very best to accommodate your request. We also LOVE creating new colours and designs so if it's a completely new colour you are after or a particuar size or type of silk fabric, please email us at hello@thesilkstudio.uk to discuss. We also accept large order requests - please see our wholesale page for details.

What is natural dye?

The Silk Studio is an advocate for harnessing the beauty of nature. We pride ourselves on using natural dye matter which can take the form of leaves, flowers, bark, roots, pips, berries, vegetables and occasionally, insects. Our dyes are cultivated by using natural dye matter which has typically been:

- foraged from nature;
- recycled from leftover food-waste straight from our kitchen;
- grown in our garden, or gardens locally;
- or purchased from local markets.

Occasionally, we  purchase natural dye extracts to help us to achieve specific shades. This is typically the case where certain species are not available in the UK, and only grow in certain countries. These are sourced from ethical and reputable companies and come from natural sources.

What are your delivery/returns policies?

Please head to our Delivery and Returns page to find out more.