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Comparing our silk textures: The difference between our 'Standard' and 'Luxe' Silk Options

We are so excited to launch our new 'LUXE' Silk Ribbon which will be available in all ten of our Core Collection shades for 2024.

The new LUXE Silk Ribbon is an optional upgrade from our standard habotai silk ribbon. The main difference is the weight of the two silks - our standard being 8 mommes and our LUXE being 12 mommes. A momme (pronounced mom-ee) is a Japanese word which is used as a unit of weight measurement for silk. It is defined as the weight in pounds of a piece of fabric which is of the usual standard size 45 inches x 100 yards. But for reference, 1 momme is equivalent to just under 4 grams.

Our 12 momme silk fabric is slightly heavier with a denser weave. The weft and warp of the silk fibres are woven together more closely. What does this mean for you and what makes this more desirable? Well, ultimately it depends on your personal preference and how you intend to use your silk. We personally love a thicker and denser silk because we feel the dye takes to it better and we usually end up with a more saturated result. It's also easier to work with because it isn't as thin or delicate as the standard 8 momme silk. We've found that when using it to tie around bouquets, the thorns and brambles of some flowers don't pierce through the silk anywhere near as easily meaning that there is less chance of the ribbon becoming damaged or snagged. We also love how the tighter weave of the 12 momme silk holds a bow much more easily due to having a firmer texture so it's often preferred by cake makers using our ribbons for bows. 

With this being said, the 12 momme silk does have ever so slightly less shine to it when compared to the lighter 8 momme silk. Some calligraphers and stationers have expressed a preference over the standard 8 momme silk as its looser weave makes it easier for them to calligraph and paint. It's also the more affordable option, particularly when purchasing in large quantities for wedding invitations and on the day stationery which can often enter the realms of requiring hundreds of meters. 

We have done our best on each product listing under the new Core Collection to show you the difference of each texture side by side, and again here using 'Rosemary Green' for reference.


Comparing Habotai 8 and Habotai 12 Silk Ribbons side by side

Our standard 8 momme habotai silk is shown on the left, and our LUXE 12 momme habotai silk is shown on the right. You notice a slightly deeper colour yet less shine and a tighter weave on the heavier 12 momme silk. 


A side by side comparison of our standard habotai silk ribbon alongside our new LUXE silk ribbon

We love both, especially when paired together. The beauty of both intertwine and make for an elevated look. 

Still unsure? Why not try a sample so you can compare them side by side in person. Samples are available to purchase under each product listing under the drop down menu or alternatively, you can purchase our Sample Book containing our Core Collection in both our Standard Silk and LUXE Silk here.