Caring for your
Ribbons & Linens

All our products are made with 100% pure natural silk. This ensures that our natural dyes bind to the fabrics. Due to the natural dyes used to create the colour, and the delicate nature of the fabric, please only hand wash with PH neutral soap. Please expect slight fading to occur over time so where possible, keep away from direct sunlight to reduce fading.

Your ribbons will be creased after being tied around your bouquet however if you would like to keep your ribbons as a keepsake (we sincerely hope that you do) then you can easily iron them on a low temperature setting, however do ensure that your iron is not on a steam setting as the water may alter the colour of the fabric unless it is PH neutral.

If you wish to cut your ribbons please use proper fabric scissors and cut on an angle diagonally. This will prevent fraying.