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Botanical Bundle Dye Kit

Botanical Bundle Dye Kit

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The ultimate bundle dye kit for lovers of slow fashion and crafting with nature. This beautifully presented kit is perfect for those curious about the world of natural dyeing and who enjoy crafting and nature. Bundle dying is a perfect introduction to natural dyeing as it's very simple to do whilst yielding beautiful, colourful results. This kit contains all you need to create a one of a kind, botanically dyed silk scarf - a piece of wearable art.

Inside the ribbon bound box, you'll find 5 botanical dyes including dried hibiscus, marigold, chamomile, turmeric and rose. You'll also find a 150cm x 40cm 100% pure ponge silk scarf which has been machine hemmed and pre mordanted with allum (this helps the natural dyes to fix to the fibres). String is also included to bundle the silk together as well as an online link to easy to follow, clear dye instructions with images.

This will make for the perfect gift for Christmas and Birthdays (or even for yourself!) For lovers of nature, one off unique designs, textile art, flower preservation and slow fashion. Children must be supervised.

A pot of water and sieve to place over a stove and white vinegar.

Fully recyclable. Dye stuff is kept sealed in biodegradable eco cell bags and then placed in linen drawstring bags for presentation.
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