6 ways to live greener in 2022

I tend to shy away from making New Years ‘Resolutions’ for obvious reasons – that is, we tend not to stick to them. Instead, over the past few years, I’ve replaced resolutions with things I would like to do, feel and see.

This year, I’ve thought more about the environment and our impact on it than ever before. I think this was a combination of becoming a mother, and fearing what the future might look like for my daughter, as well as living through a pandemic.

I decided to really think about the ways in which I could live greener next year, and hopefully for years to come. I’ve taken the time to list 6 ways I’ll be living greener in 2022.

Let me know in the comments below which you’re already doing and those you would like to try.

1. Use less cleaning wipes

This might seem like an obvious one, but up until just recently, I relied on plastic wipes to clean my bathroom weekly. Whilst I didn’t flush them, I did fill my waste bin up with them without too much thought for where they would end up. Instead of using disposable wipes, I’ve repurposed a few rags/clothes which can be used and washed. Not only will it help the environment but it’ll certainly save me money in the long run.

For times when a disposable wet wipe can’t be beaten, I’m looking out for plant-based wipes that are biodegradable. Dettol do their own range which are available in most supermarkets.

2. Recycle more

This one isn’t exactly ground breaking. By now, most households in the UK will separate out their recycling. I want to go one extra step by watching what I buy and what I choose to bring into my home. A lot of supermarket products now show a label which states they are made from 100% recycled packaging and that they can be 100% recycled after use. Recently, I purchased some pureed food pouches for my daughter. It wasn’t until I got home that I realised they contained at least 2 different types of plastic, neither of which can be recycled in our area. Needless to say, I made the decision there and then to buy the glass jarred baby food from now on.

3. Cut down on food waste

If you don’t already, I would highly recommend writing out your food menu for the week. Not only will it save you money and prevent you from buying all sorts of random things that you’ll never get round to using, but you’ll also cut down on your food waste. Accordingly to Country File, ‘more than 7m tonnes of food and drink are wasted in the UK each year and on average every person in England produces seven times their own weight in waste a year. If we all stopped wasting food that could have been eaten, the benefit to the planet would be the equivalent of taking 1 in 4 cars off the road.’

The waste you do leave, make sure to place in the food compost bin or even better, create your own compost heap. This is definitely something I want to try in 2022. Whilst I already use a lot of food waste to create dye matter for ribbon dying, I think it would be great to go one step further and help to enrich the garden soil at the same time!

4. Walk more

How many cars does your household have? Could you use public transport or walk more often? My goal in 2022 is to walk more, especially now that we’ve gone from a 2 car household to 1. With rising fuel prices, excessive parking charges and more opportunity to work from home, it made good sense for us to share one car between us. Plus, it’ll help get my steps in. Win win!

5. Eat less meat

Whilst I’m not a vegetarian, I do often prefer the veggie option when I go out. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a burger every now and then (just in case you see me at the golden arches…) But one thing I would like to do in 2022 is to have at least 1 meat-free meal a week. Not only do I think this will encourage us to eat something a little different, but it will undoubtedly reduce our carbon footprint even if ever so slightly.

6. Clothes swap

My girlfriends and I recently discussed how we ought to do more swapping and borrowing of our clothes. It makes perfect sense – particularly when you’re going to different occasions with different sets of people. It’s definitely something I’ll be doing more of in 2022, especially with so many postponed weddings to attend. In a word of fast-fashion, I’m being more conscious about what I buy and where it’s from. I recently read up about various clothing brands attempts at a conscious/eco collection and sadly, not all is what it seems. I hope regulations will be tightened so that we, the consumer are given a clearer and more honest insight into how conscious our fashion really is. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to raiding my friends wardrobes and swapping pieces.

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