5 Reasons to get married in the countryside

I may be biased, but there’s just something about a wedding in the country which ignites a sense of romance for me.

With so many charming estates and acres of picturesque countryside here in the South West, I feel so privileged to live amongst some of the UK’s most luxurious wedding venues.

Since starting my business, I’ve found that many of my couples will flee the city, in search of a picturesque wedding in the country. More often than not, they will have family in the area or will have visited for a long weekend, having fallen in love with the undeniable beauty. They’ll often be passionate about finding the perfect venue which can accommodate all of their guests, one which really stands out to their friends and family to say… this is us.

Weddings in the country have really evolved over the past few years, with more couples looking to bring the style and elegance you would typically find in the city, right here to the country. There was definitely a time where a country wedding meant hessian and jam jars, but thankfully that’s no longer the case.

With this in mind, I’ve come up with 5 reasons why YOU should consider a wedding in the country…

1. Charming Venues with plenty of guest accomodation

I’ve touched on this briefly already, but you’ll find that country wedding venues will offer plenty of accommodation for your guests. For many brides, keeping their loved ones close by throughout the celebrations is a number one priority. I know of brides who have purposely found a venue which isn’t within reasonable driving distance from their home, in an attempt to discourage their guests from leaving the wedding party early. Instead, their guests will make a weekend of it and will choose to stay over for the night, allowing them the luxury of really letting their hair down.

2. The party can go on for longer

With so much open space in the country, you’ll often find that country wedding venues allow the music and celebrations to continue for later than in the city. With few neighbours nearby, many venues give the option for an extended license for your band or DJ leaving you and your guests to carry on the party until the early hours of the morning!

3. Scenic setting for your Wedding Photos

This is a top priority for many of my couples who want to cherish their wedding photos forever. It’s important to look back at your wedding photos with feelings of love and happiness. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult for wedding photographers in the city to capture an outdoor shot of just the wedding party, without strangers making an appearance in the background.

Whether it’s a lavender field, rolling hills of luscious greenery or acres of manicured lawns sprawling a country estate, what better backdrop for your wedding portraits?

With less people around, you and your photographer will have more room to get creative with your shots. From personal firework displays to colourful smoke bombs, the opportunities really are endless.

4. You can take inspiration from the setting for the styling of your Wedding

Taking inspiration from your surroundings to influence the design and styling of your day is my favourite thing to do. I encourage my couples to really consider their venue and what it is that drew them to it. Whether it’s a historic castle or a quintessential country home, you can take different parts of it to incorporate into the styling of your day. Play on the features already present to enhance them further. If your venue has gold chandeliers, think about incorporating gold accents into the design of your day through your flatware or stationery. If your venue is surrounded by wildflower meadows, let that influence the flowers that you choose for your bouquet. In the evening, make the most of the clear skies away from the pollution of the city, and set up fairy lights to dance under!

5. Locally sourced cuisine

Many country venues pride themselves on the quality of their food and drink. With locally sourced, organic produce, expert on-site chef’s can produce the most mouth-watering menus and some may even allow you the option of going bespoke.

So there you have it, my 5 reasons why you should consider a country wedding away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Leanna Elizabeth Weddings offers luxury and bespoke design, sourcing and styling to passionate souls dreaming of an elegant, romantic and whimsical wedding. From elaborate marquees to historic castles and country estates, Leanna approaches each wedding with the utmost attention to detail and creative flair. 

To find out more about the services on offer, or to schedule your free discovery call, get in touch.

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