8 reasons you need to hire a Wedding Stylist

When I got married, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a Wedding Stylist. I remember roping in family and friends to do little jobs throughout the day, from lighting the candles to making sure that the right flowers arrived and on time. Whilst I had the most incredible wedding day, I remember thinking ‘I really wish there was someone I could ask to just do all of this for me‘. Looking back now, I know that such incredible beings really do exist and they are far more accessible than I could have ever imagined. Now a Wedding Stylist myself, I often ask friends and family who have either recently got married or are in the planning stages, whether they would hire the services of a stylist and they wholeheartedly say yes!

So, on that note, I’ve put together my top 8 reasons why you should hire a wedding stylist for your wedding.

1. They are more accessible than you might think.

It used to only be the super wealthy who would hire the services of a wedding planner or stylist, but I’m so pleased to say that that is no longer the case. I’m proud to be able to assist many couples with vastly differing budgets, all of whom simply do not have the time or inclination to style their wedding. As I say to all of my couples at the outset, it’s all about working out what you want to make a priority. Once you understand this, you can then start to allocate your budget wisely – because lets face it, we all have budgets – some might just be larger than others.

For example, for some of my couples, the cake isn’t something they would want to allocate a large proportion of their budget toward. However, their flowers might be more important to them and so we spend a little more here.

I think couples can sometimes be put off when suppliers, including myself, don’t give an upfront price for their product or service when in fact, the reason for this is because more often than not, a one size fits all approach just doesn’t work. Many of my couples come to me with very different requirements and so a fixed fee wouldn’t be appropriate, and they could end up paying for a service which they don’t necessarily need. This is the case for many other suppliers.

As well as helping you to allocate your budget, a Wedding Stylist can also help to keep you grounded. We can all get a little carried away on Pinterest from time to time, so it helps to have someone there to pull the reigns back in when they can see that something is going to be completely unrealistic. This can in turn help you to save time and money.

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2. They can give you peace of mind on the day of and leading up to the wedding.

Whilst many venues offer the service of an inhouse wedding planner or on the day coordinator, unfortunately there can often be limitations to what they are willing and able to do for you on the day, particularly when it comes to setting up your venue.

I hear all too often how a couple might have one or two points of contact for their venue, but aren’t sure whether they will physically be present on the day of their wedding leaving them unsure as to who will be responsible for overseeing everything. Whilst I am not a wedding coordinator per se, I can be at hand the morning of and throughout the day to ensure that everything is set up as planned. Waiting staff and general venue staff won’t necessarily be able to afford you this luxury, having other responsibilities to oversee on the day.

Peace of mind is everything on such an emotionally charged day. Whilst friends and family may appear willing to help, it’s nice to make sure that they get to fully enjoy the experience with you without having to worry about fulfilling certain tasks throughout the day. Trust me, you’ll breathe a big sigh of relief knowing that an experienced professional is there to take care of everything!

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3. They can help you to realise your vision.

There’s so much inspiration out there, with the likes of Instagram and Pinterest it can be really hard to pin down a concept for the styling of your day. Couples often come to me having a vague idea of what they want their wedding day to look like, but often they feel a little muddled and pulled in lots of different directions. When you instruct a Wedding Stylist from the beginning, you’ll be taken on a journey of self discovery. The role of a Stylist is to get to know their couple, their unique love story and their personalities and translate this into the design of the day. In doing so, the design will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but original, realistic and functional. It’s really quite a skill to tick all of these boxes at the same time!

4. They’ll spot things you’ve missed.

When you’re in the very thick of wedding planning, even the most obvious of things can be easily forgotten. I once had a bride who had to hire absolutely everything in for her marquee wedding, only to forget that her guests needed cutlery to eat with! Fortunately I spotted this well ahead of time and the guests were saved from having to eat with their fingers!

A Wedding Stylist will have a very good eye for detail and will make sure that absolutely nothing is left to chance, ensuring there is always a plan B (and sometimes even a plan C!) They will also troubleshoot problems before they have even happened. When I styled a wedding in Bordeaux last year, I wanted to check what the temperate would be when the wedding breakfast was due to start, since the bride had requested the breakfast be held outside. It’s all of those little details which can easily be missed but can make a huge impact on the day itself.

Photography Credit: James and Kerrie Photography | Table Styling: Leanna Elizabeth Weddings | Florals: Loubee Blooms Floral Design

5. They have access to the best local suppliers.

A Wedding Stylist will most likely have formed professional relationships with many local suppliers. This will have been done not only through industry networking, but also real weddings and styled shoots. They will have formed a natural ‘dream team’ of likeminded suppliers whom they prefer to work with based on the simple fact they know that they will 100% deliver. I’ve certainly developed a team of trusted and talented suppliers who I would recommend to my couples in a heartbeat, and who in turn provide a small discount when booked through me as a gesture of goodwill.

Whilst I aim to only recommend suppliers I have worked with before, or whose work I am familiar with, this isn’t always possible due to restraints of budget or location. Where I haven’t met with a supplier before, I’ll be sure to make contact as some point before the wedding to introduce myself and to make sure they understand the brief and that we’re all singing from the same sheet! I find that it really helps to ensure that your day runs more smoothly.

6. They’ll keep you on track.

The average engagement lasts for 15 months. That’s quite a long time, particularly if you start wedding planning from the moment you say ‘yes!’

A lot can change in that time. You may have initially set out to have a blue and white wedding, but some months later be swayed toward a green and blush wedding. As trends come and go, it can be difficult to stay on track with your wedding concept and not become distracted. A Wedding Stylist will be there every step of the way to first help you and your partner realise your vision, but to then make sure that the choices you make for your wedding are cohesive and fit in with the design brief. I think this is something which many couples struggle with, and this can often result in having a mishmash of conflicting styling concepts which together, just don’t work.

A Wedding Stylist will produce a Moodboard, Colour Palette and a detailed design brief to ensure that you stick to your original design vision.

Photography Credit: James and Kerrie Photography | Florals: Loubee Blooms Floral Design

7. They will help you choose the right suppliers for you.

I’ve touched on this a little already at point 5 but ultimately, a Wedding Stylist will know which suppliers to approach based on the design concept of your Wedding. Couples often don’t realise that suppliers will have their own niches and specialities – there really isn’t such a thing as a ‘one size fits all’ florist or photographer. For instance, some florists will specialise in more wild and rustic flowers and some photographers might produce more dark and moody photos rather than light and airy ones. The differences may not be that obvious to a couple, particularly when first starting out their supplier search, which is why it can really help to have a professional with expert knowledge of local suppliers in the area to guide them.

Budget will also be a key factor in choosing the suppliers for your wedding day. There’s very little point falling head over heels for a supplier who isn’t going to be a realistic option based on the budget you have to work with. A Wedding Stylist will help you to maximise your budget to ensure that you get the best supplier for you, based on your design concept and your budget.

Photography Credit: James and Kerrie Photography | Table Styling: Leanna Elizabeth Weddings

8. They will make everything look incredible.

I’ve left this to last as it’s a bit of an obvious one, but it’s true. A Wedding Stylist will look at every aspect of your venue and will do their best to emphasise it’s beauty wherever possible. They’ll consider things which most couples won’t, for instance, the backdrop to cutting the cake, or where the speeches will be made. Things like fire exit signs or ugly doors will stick out to a Wedding Stylist upon a venue visit, and they will instantly consider how best to detract the guests eyes from noticing them on the day.

For me, the most exciting part about styling a Wedding is the tables. I absolutely love to design and style a tablescape. For me, the wedding breakfast is the most important part of the day where your guests will spend the longest, interacting with the tablescape, sharing good wine and exchanging stories. I’ll also think about how I can reuse a lot of the flowers and other props and decor throughout the rest of the day, to really maximise the budget and ensure that every aspect of the day looks beautiful!

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So there you have it, my top 8 reasons to hire a Wedding Stylist. Want to find out more? Drop me a line or enquire to schedule a free and informal discovery call or head over to my services page to find out more about the different services I can offer.

Leanna, XO

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