Capturing the magic of your wedding through fine art wedding photography

Hi, I’m Jen from Jennifer Jane Photography. If you’re at all familiar with Leanna Elizabeth Weddings and her work, then you’ll have seen my images. They are all over her site. And I’m incredibly proud of that. Her styling and attention to detail is second to none. And for a bit of an OCD like myself I love it. I know when I come to photograph anything, she’ll have thought ahead to how something will look and translate into a photograph already.

“Us photographers are not all created equal”

Probably one of the first things that I should tell you about us photographers, is that we are not all created equal. One photographer is not much the same as another, separated merely by price points. You’ll find that we have different styles and artistic interpretations.  You may have even seen or heard some of these words: documentary, editorial, traditional, modern, alternative. These terms basically describe the way in which the photographer works or approaches the day. Then there is the look of the photographs, some are super bright with saturated colours, some are really orange/brown, some have a bit of a green hue to them, and others seem flat with the colour drained from them.

But I’m going to tell you about my style, because a part from anything a good stylist is looking to partner you up with someone who will complement and do justice to not just all the beautiful styling choices you’ve made but all the other choices you’ve been making about your wedding and how you are planning the day.

Fine Art Wedding Photography

I’m a fine art wedding photographer, and my style is light and airy and very soft and romantic. So what that means is when you look at my photos the colours are soft and pastel and they are infused with light. They won’t be saturated and have harsh dark shadows.  They are full of light. There is a soft and dreamy feel to the images. A little reminiscent of film, giving them a very elegant and timeless feel.

The Fine art aspect of my photography is the intention by the images. Simply put, fine art photography is intended to be appreciated as art. Wedding images are shot with a specific narrative in mind, with careful consideration paid to lighting, texture, colour palette, background and composition. Which when expertly combined not only evoke emotion but which paint your wedding in the most beautiful way possible.

For me a fine art approach means looking at a wedding with imagination and creativity. Creating a set of images that not only tell a story but can evoke emotion. Where they can stir up feelings deep inside, make your eyes well up and your heart sing.

“Taking each photograph with intent and care”

It is seeing the ordinary and turning it into the extraordinary. Like the Groom brushing the Bride’s hair from her face, or their intertwined fingers hidden behind the back of their chairs. It is anticipating these intimate moments before they happen, and being in the right place to capture them. It means taking each photograph with intent and care, paying attention to the background, composition and the light. To make each image as beautiful as it can be.

When I’m capturing a wedding, I’m looking to tell a story from the moment that I join you in the morning for the preparations, until the moment I slip away in the evening as the dancing gets going. I’m capturing, and paying attention to every little detail and every choice you have made that forms part of your wedding story.

Fine art photography is about creating art that tells a story. Work that is worthy of being framed and enjoyed and cherished for a lifetime.

It is a style aimed at couples that want their wedding to be beautiful and meaningful. For couples who want to trust their photographer to capture them and their wedding in the most flattering and best light possible. Who value the worth of photography and have beautiful photography high on their list of priorities.

If you’re using Leanna’s services or looking to use her services, then the chances are that you care are about aesthetics and getting things just right, providing the perfect day for your guests. You love beautiful elegant, imagery. What would be more perfect than having one of life’s greatest moments preserved cherish and enjoy as the timeless moments they are supposed to be.

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You can see my work here on Leanna’s site or to get further details and to find out more and me and my style, what I do and to request a brochure or just have a chat. Head over to my website

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